The Vogels Gas Injection (VGI) system is one of the most state of the art LPG systems currently available on the market. It's concerns a fully sequential injection system which means that for every cilinder the right amount of gas is injected. The system uses the petrol injector signals as the main signal to determine the amount of gas for every cylinder of the engine at the right time. Normally the system starts on petrol and when the engine is running, the switch is on gas and the engine has reached the right temperature the ECU will choose the right time to switch to LPG. First, the valves will be opened on the tank and the pressure regulator, which will evaporate the still liquid LPG in the pressure regulator. The gas will be adjusted at 1 bar pressure and the gas leaves the pressure regulator before being filtered in the gas filter. From there the gas flows to the injector rail in order to distribute the gas across the injectors. From this moment on the petrol injectors are interrupted by the ECU and the gas injectors are activated instead. The engine now runs on gas. In order to determine the amount of gas to be injected, the ECU follows the petrol injection signal of the original control unit, and converts this time to go to a gas injection time.

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